Buying a car can be stressful, especially if you haven’t done it in a long time. Car shopping doesn’t work quite the same way it used to before the Internet, and some of the old common-sense rules no longer apply. Since a car is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make, it pays to be prepared. With a little bit of research, time, and planning, you can easily avoid some of the most common car buying mistakes.

Top 4 Common Car Buying Mistakes To Avoid

1. Not Doing Your Research

This is one of the biggest mistakes a car shopper can make. If you don’t have a clear idea about what kind of vehicle you need, it’s easy to end up picking the wrong one. With so much information available online, smart shoppers will have already narrowed down their top few choices before stopping by the dealership. Our official websites, car review sites like, or the manufacturer’s website are all good places to start. Read : Top 8 Car Review Sites in Malaysia


2. Not Knowing Your Budget

Don’t let yourself fall madly in love with a car you can’t afford, then try to find a way to afford it anyway. Figure out how much you can spend on a car payment each month, then do your research with that number in mind from the beginning.

3. Not Thinking Long-Term

On the other hand, when you’re financing a car, it’s a big mistake to focus on just the monthly payment while ignoring the bigger picture. Pay attention to the length of the loan and the interest rate to make sure you’re actually finding the best deal.


4. Neglecting The Test Drive

No matter how good a car looks on paper, always test drive before you buy. You need to know how the car actually feels. Don’t just drive it around the block, either – take your time on the test drive, and get to know the car as well as you can before making a final decision. That way, there won’t be any unwelcome surprises.


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