BMW Group Malaysia has introduced a 24-month tyre warranty programme for all new BMW vehicles sold at its authorised dealerships nationwide from 1st January 2016, becoming the first manufacturer to offer a warranty scheme of its kind in Malaysia.

According to BMW Malaysia, the new Tyre Warranty Programme from the premium automaker is also applicable to all BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres sold at its dealerships.

The tyre warranty programme is valid for 24 months, which offers a comprehensive protection on BMW Approved Star-Marked Tyres, covers tyre damage caused by any pointed or sharp objects such as nail or broken glass, or by hitting the edge of a kerb or pothole. The warranty, however, is only applicable if no other existing guarantee or insurance is covering the tyres of the vehicle. The tyre warranty also covers tyre fitment and wheel balancing.

In the case of a claim, the BMW Authorised Dealer will inspect the cause of the damage as well as assess the current market value of the damaged tyre. Depending on the depth of the tread, BMW vehicle owners could be entitled to compensation of up to 100% of the cost of a new tyre. The compensation is also calculated based on the retail price rate of the tyre during the time of change.

The warranty is only applicable for personal vehicles, and will not cover vehicles used for commercial purposes such as car-for-hire, taxi or any driver car services. It will also cease automatically and with immediate effect if the vehicle is sold commercially or outside of Malaysia.

The tyre code

The tyre code