A combination of a chunky styling, great visibility, and a practical cabin makes crossovers such as the VW Tiguan and Honda CR-V perfect for everyday family use.Instead of comparing their price, design, interior, engines, and driving experience, We’ve compared these two SUV cars side by side to find out which car’s cargo capacity be can fit more.


These cars are offering different amount of cargo space each of them:-

Cargo Capacity CR-V 2017

(cubic feet)

The Tiguan 2017

(cubic feet)

Rear Unfolded 39.2 23.8
Rear folded 75.8 56.1
Overall 76 60

Items that we used are in the same amount for both, which is 12 item ;

  1. 1 huge teddy bear
  2. 1 carton Nestle Nestea box
  3. 1 carton of a natural mineral water box
  4. 1 carton of ZAP A4 paper.
  5. 1 medium-sized traveling bag
  6. 1 Bult case
  7. 1 goody bag
  8. 1 open file box
  9. 1 medium site backpack
  10. 1 Nikon bag
  11. 1 Laptop Box
  12. 1 square box


From this experiment, we can conclude that CR-V has earned high marks in leading class in cargo volume and luggage space. We manage to fit 12 items with the rear seat up.Stash the rear seat, and the CR-V offers best-in-class luggage space.

But yet never miss underestimating the power of Tiguan.Tiguan has been featured with transverse mounted four-cylinder engines.Thus, Tiguan rides very well indeed. It smoothes over bigger imperfections, such as speed bumps and firm enough to stop the body bouncing up and down too much along undulating roads.


So, whether you want your car with leading class in cargo capacity or a car with the most reliable engine.You decide.