Non-stop raining has worsened in Malaysia and the number of flood-damaged cars reported rapidly increasing due to flash-flood in the past few weeks.

Learn how to protect your car in cases of flooding or waterlogging. Hence, we would like to share some of the tips so that you can keep your car safe from floods and water damage.

How to avoid flood/water damage to your vehicle?

There are two possible situations where your car can be a victim of flood/water damage which is;

i) During a rainstorm, you are in the car.

ii) When your car at the parking lot and instance flood occur.


1. Discourage passing through a standing water.

Try to avoid those standing waters on the lane. You may not know the exact depth of the water and it may cause your car crash in the middle of the road. There is a high possibility that the water can seep into the engine that leads to severe damage. Find for an alternative route to fix this problem.

2. Hold your car in 1st gear and maintain low engine speed
Let’s say in another situation where you couldn’t avoid the route with standing water. Hold your 1st gear and drive. This will keep the car stable at low speed and have a strong grip toward the car direction. Maintaining the gear can avoid the water from entering your car exhaust.
3. Escape to the highest part of the road.
Once you decided to get through the standing water, make sure the route brings you to the highest part of the road. This will decrease the risk of stucking in the mid of the road.
4. Your live matter
Cars are arguably one of the World’s most-loved material things. And of course, we will make so much of efforts to protect them from being damaged but once you feel the water level gradually creeping surround your car, it is the best option for you to leave the car and save yourself first.
Remember, there is a family member that loved you more.
5. Is your car covered with Insurance?
Ensure that your car has covered by insurance.
Keep in mind that nowadays modern cars are more advanced using numerous electronic control units in their safety, infotainment, and added functionalities. 10k ringgit Malaysia will easily set you back by fixing a flood-damaged cars.
6. Turn On As Fast As Possible
In case, in the mid of the road, your car has stopped all sudden, try to turn it on back as soon as you can.  Or else the water might seep into the engine and might lead into worst damage for the Hydroclock.

Prevention during the flood – while your car is parked

1.Park your car on higher ground

Act before its too late. Stay alert about the weather forecast especially during a rainstorm, so that you can act fast by placing your car on higher ground.  Vehicles’ electronics and mechanical part might get damage if the waters seep into it.

2.Pull up the windows

A small gap between the window could allow floodwater flow into the cabin that can turn out to be a nightmare to all the drivers. So make sure almost all your car windows are completely shut.
Don’t regret later if your car turns out similar to the image above.


3.Disconnect the batteries

Make sure you disconnect the battery carefully removing the negative (-) terminal, followed by the positive (+) terminal and dry it out.  The battery still will be functional so you can use in future.

How to recover after the flood.

1.Never restart your car – Make sure your car dry thoroughly including the internal and mechanical parts.

2. Get the brakes dried up – Make sure the brake disc completely dried before using them again

3.Drying up the interior – Open all 4 doors including the bonnet and direct them under the sunlight. You may use portable fans and heater for a prompt result

4. Replacing all the fluids of the car –  like engine oil, brake oil, transmission oil and etc as they might be mixed up with water. But before you start the engine, ensure to dry up the current fluid and replace it with a new one.

5. Service at Lee Motors.



Get our expert technician to have a more detailed inspection. We will be able to give a clear overview of the damage you are dealing with and will have practical guidance whether the car is possible to salvage.

Prevention is better than cure. Most of Malaysia east coast area is being affected by the flood. It is better for us to be well prepared before things get worsened. And we at Lee Motors hope that the affected people to keep strong, stay positive and stay safe.

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