Short on space or have a narrow driveway? Here’s a cool idea for you.

Many families have multiple cars but not enough parking space. The garage is too small or the driveway doesn’t fit two cars comfortably. Or maybe you just have one car but your narrow driveway means you can’t turn around and have to back out into oncoming traffic. A car turntable in your garage could solve all of these problems.

Designed to give you more freedom to park your cars and make it easier to get in and out of the driveway, car turntables are a convenient solution to not having quite enough space.

They come in a range of sizes so depending on your needs you can have a small one just large enough for one car that lets you pull into the garage, turn around and easily drive right out when it’s time to leave.

If you have more than one car but a driveway that’s too narrow to let both cars park, a garage turntable can solve that problem. Park one car, rotate the turntable, let the next car park and rotate again when someone needs to leave.

Car turntables can also be customized to match your driveway, contrast it, or match the exterior of your home,

Or perhaps you want to use a completely different material to make your car stand out.



Source: The contemporist