How to drive safely at night

The world changes a bit at night, and that is especially true for nighttime roads. There is no more bright sunlight to help us light along the way. Quite simply, it is harder to see in the dark, and certain driving habits we have during the day may not be appropriate at night. Read below for our suggestions on how to drive safely at night.

Top nighttime driving safety tips

1. Make sure your headlights and taillights are working properly. This includes checking to see that the headlights are aimed in the right direction. Headlights that are askew, or taillights which don’t alert drivers behind you that you are braking, can cause a lot of trouble. If your headlights or taillights need work, just visit our nearest authorized service center.

2. Keep your windshield clean inside and out. We generally do a good job of keeping the outside clean, but be sure not to neglect cleaning the inside as well. Dust or streaks or other buildup can be shown in all its glory when another car is approaching, and it can distract you from the road. You can visit Lee Motors Bodyworks and we will get it covered for you with 3M autocare products.

3. Increase your following distance. You should always follow at a safe distance anyway, and it is a good idea to follow the car ahead of you at an even greater distance at night, especially since the vehicle ahead may suddenly hit the brakes if an animal runs into the road.

4. Slow down. It is harder to see people or animals who may wander into the road in the darkness, just as it is difficult to see the shape of the road ahead. Slow your speed so you can maintain control.

5. Follow traffic rules. Almost all traffic rules are designed to prevent cars from getting into things, and nearly all road accidents happen because driver failed to follow the rules. Always remember to follow the rules.

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