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Our objective is to educate the local community on vehicle care, not only does it enhance the LOOKS of your vehicle, it plays a vital role in ROAD SAFETY which is tremendously improved with better visibility from your car that has clearer and brighter headlights. Not to mention, it will also retain the RESALE VALUE of your vehicles.

What causes headlights to turn yellowish and foggy?

Time and the environment take their toll

The headlights are external fixtures and that makes them susceptible to any environmental assault. The outside factors are more serious on cars today because the headlights are no longer made of glass. Instead, these fixtures are made of hard plastic that is covered with a clear coat to protect the porous
surface. It can be dirt or pollution, but sooner or later the clear coat on the headings is going to start fading away. A hot country like Malaysia in particular can be rough because of the sunlight. Even if there is UV protection it is good for only so long. That clear coat also can be affected by the type of cleaning agents used. All of this results in the plastic eventually becoming oxidized and a foggy appearance is the consequence This adds up to a situation where headlights can get worse for wear and need to have some work done on them.


This happens due to polycarbonate lens exposed to air. Your Headlamps will develop cracks when exposed to UV radiation.

2. Road Damage

While Driving on the road, small rocks & debris hits the surface of the headlights which causes dents & pits.

3. Dirt & Chemical

If a car is on the road for a while it retains a layer of dirt & chemical. This layer is opaque and it dims the lights causing drivers to have lesser visibility while driving at night.

4. Water Vapour

Vapour is formed inside the headlight due to high moisture content and high humidity weather especially in Malaysia. It scatters the light pattern and creates diffusion on the road.

Why the concern?

Some of you may think that this is not anything more than a cosmetic problem, and you would be more than wrong. When headlights become foggy and oxidized it affects the light output. The beam that should come from the headlight is weakened and will not cover as much ground in front of the car. That gradually becomes an even more serious problem when the storm and raining season comes. The drivers vision is dramatically reduced that will end up causing unwanted accidents.

Preventive ways of headlight problem

There are ways to prolong the lifespan of headlight condition and prevent yellowing and blurring problems. If possible, the car should either be parked in a garage or having the headlights face away from the sun. This prevents the damage that can be caused by ultraviolet light. If you wish to wash the headlights, it should be done with an automotive soap every quarter. This does have an advantage because the washing can prevent the build-up of acids and dirt that promote the yellowing. Should it appear that the yellowing is too advanced, the old clear coat needs to be removed by sanding and polishing it back to a high gloss and clear finishing. A new layer of clear coat or protective film application is recommended.





Our Pursuit For Perfection

Restoration: 3M’s Headlight Sanding and Polishing Kit



Prevention and Prolonging the Lifespan of your headlights: 3M’s Ventureshield Protection Film

*3M Ventureshield Protection Film Can also be installed on different area of the car’s bodyparts to prevent stone chips and hard objects from damaging the paint surface.

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