#ProjectRestore is a one-off project that we intend to help lower down the cost to restore vehicles that are more than 3 years old.

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Our objective is to educate the local community on vehicle care, not only does it enhance the LOOKS of your vehicle, it plays a vital role in ROAD SAFETY which is tremendously improved with better visibility from your car that has clearer and brighter headlights. Not to mention, it will also retain the RESALE VALUE of your vehicles.

1. Swirl Marks

How the **** did this happened?

If dirt, dust and grime are not correctly removed from the vehicle, the cleaning process will rub and grind these particles into the surface of the paint inflicting noticeable damage. Now, do take note and monitor your car wash centres the next time you send your car in. Proper commercial car wash centres, or self claimed ‘professionals’ should already know that different and numerous cloths and sponges should be used separating the wheels, lower body of the car, Middle section and upper section of your car’s body. If the same cloth or sponge is used on your whole car, and even worse, used on numerous vehicles prior to touching your car, collecting dirt and grit, will only worsen this problem that induces defects known as “swirl marks”. Example shown below. swirl-marks

2. Stubborn Water Mark

Why is it appearing on my car!?

Water spots are most frequently created when hard water is left on a surface – paint or glass – to dry (technically, evaporate). This can be due to not drying your car after a wash, parking your car a little too close to a sprinkler, or even from rain water that is left on the surface too long. In a best case scenario, the minerals and dirt in the water are simply left on the surface of the paint after the water has evaporated off. Things get worse if the water contains something corrosive that etches the surface as it sits, creating a “crater”. If not addressed, these craters can actually get worse over time, as water will pool in them and continue to etch the same spot. Example shown below. Water-Spot-Marks

Our Pursuit For Perfection


Proper Car Wash Facility:

Cleaners are properly trained to use separated cloths for each designated area of the vehicle.

Micro-Filtration Water System

Free from minerals, harsh chlorine and other chemicals, our Water filtration system ensures that only the purest and softest possible water supply is used to clean your vehicle. 

Solution: Paint Corrections & Swirl Mark Elimination


We make sure Every Detailer of ours go through countless hours of practising & training.

Only the best equipments and materials are used on our customers vehicle.


Our pursuit for perfection means zooming into small little details that others do not.



Mirror-like Reflections


Spotless finishing & Protected with 3M’s Wax & Sealant used for Motorshows.


Our Pride: Trusted by the best car owners in town. #Alorsetar #Sungaipetani #Kedah

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