The whole world is affected by the COVID-19. The simplest advice on the most proficient method to remain safe is to remain at home #dudukdalamrumah. However, imagine a situation where you need to head off to somewhere by car. Follow this advice:


Clean & Disinfect Your Car (Interior & Exterior)

Disinfect all the surfaces you touch before and after the journey, especially if you’re sharing the car with someone or gave someone a lift.


Parts of interior you should disinfect.

  • Steering wheel
  • Gear Stick
  • Handbrake
  • Door Handle
  • Elbow rest
  • Seat Position Control
  • Door Frame
  • Steering column stalks
  • Radio & Infotainment Controls

Parts of exterior you should disinfect

  • Door handles
  • Door Frame
  • Luggage Compartment Handle

The best thing to use to clean the car interior is isopropyl alcohol and a micro-fiber cloth. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide or product that contain ammonium (touch screen in car) as they can damage the car’s surface.

And not to forget to clean the car air conditioning.

That does not mean taking the car into a service centre – this is really not a good time for that. But you can buy (online or at petrol stations) specialised sprays for cleaning a car’s air-conditioning and ventilation system. Although these are not as effective as professional cleaning, they can again help reduce the risk: the disinfection spray may not wipe out the coronavirus, but having a cleaner heating and air-conditioning system means a lower risk of the virus attaching itself to it.


If you absolutely have to go somewhere by car, exceptionally cautious about cleanliness and sanitize your car thoroughly. Give more attention to the place that you touch regularly. And not to neglect to wash your hand frequent or at least sanitize your hand.

Prevention is better than cure. The more we respect these measures, the more we reduce the risk of the infection spreading, and the sooner we can recover our lives to ordinary. . So be considerate, minimise contact with others and journeys by car as much as possible, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly and use disinfectant.