Test Drive Tips

No matter how much time you’ve spent researching the car you’re about to buy, you’ll learn so much more from a test drive. A new car should make you feel right. Sometimes you’ll fall in love immediately. Sometimes it’s a little harder to tell. Ask yourself the right questions and make the most of your time in a new vehicle with our best tips for test driving a car.

Before you drive

A good test drive doesn’t just take place on the road. Before you get going, it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes getting acquainted with some of the car’s features. We recommend:

Play with the driver’s seat – Is it easy to find a driving position that feels comfortable? If taller/shorter family members are going to be driving the car too, does the seat adjust far enough to accommodate all of them?

Play with the audio system and the controls – Do the controls make sense and feel intuitive? Is your phone compatible with the car’s audio system?

Get in the backseat – Will your passengers have enough legroom? While you’re back there, it’s also a good idea to check out the cargo space, or open the trunk – space matters here too.


While you drive

Think about your daily commute, and try to match those conditions as much as you can during your test drive.

Practice parking – Parallel parking is a good way to feel how maneuverable the car really is. Backing out of a parking space will force you to pay close attention to visibility.

Turn off the music, so you’ll know whether the cabin is quiet and well-insulated, or whether it gets too noisy.

Don’t be shy to ask questions – if you’re not sure how a certain feature works, or what that button does, our sales advisor from Lee Motors are here to help! Book a test drive here today!


Source: Volkswagen blog

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