Boost Your “Chi” In the Year of Ox.

Let’s welcome the Year of the Ox, by putting together these simple tips for boosting the feng shui of your car.

1.Place a water bottle in your car.

In feng shui, water reflects transparency and sincerity and helps drivers improve their awareness of the route. Drinking water might also help you cope with stressful situations on the road.

2. Clean Car Windows and Mirror

It’s said that the windows are the ‘eyes’ of the car. If you wear glasses, you’ll have to constantly clean them so you can see out of the them. The same goes for your car!

Making sure your windows aren’t grimy or caked with dirt is going to benefit you greatly. Besides the obvious use of visibility, having clean windows will help keep you safe and give you a clear vision of the future.

3.Serenity With Music On

Driving around can be stressful, and once you step behind the wheel, the frustration generated by other individuals may cloud your judgment.

Switch on some soothing music in order to eliminate this harmful force, aka ‘chi’. Everyone has unique tastes in music; find the kind of music that relaxes you down and with those tunes, make a playlist. When you get into the car, start this playlist at a comfortable volume and drown your worries in the tunes.

4.Air Freshner

Fill your car with soothing smells using natural incense that’s safe for use in the car. Even air fresheners with soothing, natural scents will help enhance the olfactory experience in your car.

5.Declutter Unwanted Item

Talking of keeping things tidy, it’s extremely essential not to clutter the cabin of your car. Yeah, there are times that for a journey we have to pack everything in our cars, but we just have to remind ourselves that we don’t have to store much in our cars.

Messy interior might brings chaotic energy into your car, and at the same time distract the drivers too, which is actually bad feng shui.

Make sure your car is super tidy and allow the positivity flow through this Chinese New Year.

6.Place Lucky Charm/ Ornament in your car.

For every Chinese New Year, there will be a new set of sign prediction that makes the signs consistent with other signs for some years and are not compatible for other years.  This coming year, try to get an ornament that suitable for your sign and also will bring you good luck.

Let’s see which signs of the zodiac you might be compatible with.

Your Zodiac Compatible Zodiac(s)
Rat Ox, Dragon, Monkey
Ox Rat, Snake, Rooster
Tiger Dragon, Horse, Pig
Rabbit Goat, Monkey, Rat, Pig
Dragon Rooster, Rat, Monkey
Snake Dragon, Rooster
Horse Tiger, Goat, Rabbit
Goat Horse, Rabbit, Pig
Monkey Ox, Rabbit
Rooster Ox, Snake
Dog Rabbit
Pig Rabbit, Tiger, Goat

There are also birthstones, in addition to zodiac ornaments, to keep you spiritually balanced and energized. According to Feng Shui experts, holding stones in your glove box will help you stay ‘extra-grounded’ when on the move.

Rat: Garnet – Strengthens energy and health

Ox: Aquamarine – Recovers Emotional depression, relieves anxiety, embrace harmony

Tiger: Sapphire – For energy and healing

Rabbit: Pearl – Attracts smoothing and relaxing energy

Dragon: Amethyst – Clears unnecessary thought debris, soothes feelings

Snake: Opal – Attracts good luck, relieves fear, enhances prosperity

Horse: Topaz – Gives good fortune, encourages good nights sleep

Goat: Emerald – Pulls good luck, preserves hope, nourishes the nervous system

Monkey: Peridot – Relieving tension, fostering pleasure, boosting the immune system

Rooster: Citrine – Enhances self-esteem, strengthens metabolism

Dog: Diamond – Energy purifies, disappear anxiety, removes emotional pain

Pig: Ruby – Gives bravery, promotes confidence, attempts to fix fatigue


7.Decorate With Lucky Color

There will be a fresh collection of predictions for each animal in the zodiac every Chinese New Year. For each animal, these predictions include lucky colours, lucky numbers and compatibility rates.

Decorate up the interior of your car with something vibrant! Let’s take a look at the fortunate shades of this year.

Ox: White, Silver, Gold, Purple, Blue, Gray

Rat: Red, Yellow, Silver

Tiger: Grey, Bronze

Rabbit: Pink, Yellow, Green

Dragon: Red, Ruby, Grey

Snake: Light Yellow

Horse: White, Silver

Goat: Grey, Silver

Monkey: Yellow, Bright Pink

Rooster: Grey, Brown, Red, Orange

Dog: Yellow, Brown, Aqua Blue

Pig: Bright Red & Yellow

As a conclusion, Feng Shui for car interior is about creating good energy in your car and increase the driver’s energy also. Feng Shui tips work well for any space that you spend time in and can be very useful. The basics of Feng Shui for car interior and exterior are the same as the basics of good Feng Shui for your home.


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