Thinking of buying a new car? but no idea what to do with your old car. Not only you. Most of the car owner decided to buy or lease a new car, they will inevitably have to decide whether to trade in their existing car or just sell them privately.

There are points of pros and cons to the two choices. When you sell a second-hand car you’re clearly searching for the best deals, and selling and trade-in the old car can both be a decent decision under the same situation.


Pros and Cons Selling Cars Privately


  1. Generally get a superior deal price.
  2. Low selling price
  3. More negotiating room


  1. It tends to be tedious.
  2. Business dealing with a stranger
  3. Responsible for all paperwork

Pros and Cons Trade-In Cars


  1. You only deal withe dealer
  2. Fast & Convenient
  3. Reduce the price of your new car
  4. More financing option
  5. Get SPECIAL TRADE-IN value from the dealer (Lee Motors)



  1. Little room for negotiation
  2. You Limit Where You Can Buy a Car

And the best advice is?

You decide .

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. When you sell a used car you’re obviously looking for the best deal possible, and selling and trading in can both be a good choice under the right circumstances.

How to trade-in your car…….

  1. Book an appointment with Lee Motors Corp (BMW, Honda, Volkswagen & Proton)
  2. Bring your trade-in car to our dealer to have the car examined.
  3. We will determined the vehicle’s trade-in value using the combination of expertise, tools and resources available to licensed dealers.
  4.  Sold and transfer ownership – and the amount that you get for your current used car will go towards the car you’re getting next.

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